GWAA Studio Tour Map

GWAA Studio Tour Map
For a paper copy, please visit Artworks Gallery or Slice of Life Gallery. (They will be printed for next week, December 14)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Participating GWAA Artists

Well this year's artists all signed up and ready to go! From now to December 18th
they will be in their studios making and shaking it up for the big event.

Please click on an artist to link to their personal websites. You may also view a sample of their work by clicking on the Introducing the 2010 GWAA Artist Page that can be found just above this post!

Julie Sperber - Yuma Designs
Shena Meadowcroft
Heather Loyer with Sara Welsby - Dancing Maidens Botanicals
George Eliot
Maureen O'Connor - Whalesong Studio

Monday, November 1, 2010

Coffee Meet and Greet, Agreement Deadlines, Marketing News!

Hello GWAA Participants,

This morning we hosted the optional "Meet and Greet" for the GWAA participants at Raspberry Jazz Cafe. At least half of the event's participants came down to chat with us, fill out their agreements and sip on a tea or coffee. Both Mariko and I were overwhelmed by the turnout and support!  We literally turned a corner of Razzberry's into our little portable office with our laptops, forms and receipt book. It was great for Mariko to meet so many new faces and it really confirmed that this event is supported by many.

If you were amongst those who could not make it this morning, you can drop your completed agreement forms before November 7th at either Feedlot Studios (located at the corner of Valli and Wild Cherry Terrace) or at my place, Jupiter Ranch, corner of Shaw and South Road, near the Community Hall. If we are not home, please leave your form and check in the drop box provided. The faster we get everyone on board the more time we have to focus on the marketing aspect. We are already well on our way with the "small budget" marketing plan (note the lowercase "s" in "small") and soon we will be sending you a copy of the places we have successfully reached or tried to reach for our promotions. To those of you who have offered marketing suggestions, we will cross-reference and pursue those suggestions once our promotional contact list is complete. Just so you know, we are focusing on on-line and media promotion as the cost is often non-existent.

Some of you are a part of a guild and/or an association and have long e-mailing lists as a result. We will be designing an e-card (postcard) for you to send out to all those colleagues as well your friends, family members, co-workers and more.This card will also be easily printable so for those who travel to town it would be great to post it in locations such as Starbucks, Bocas and community bulletin boards; it will help us out greatly with regards to the exposure of the GWAA event! In order to make this event successful we need every little bit of help we can from you and let it be know that we GREATLY appreciate your assistance.

Thanks again,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blog Listings and Link Opportunities for Participating Artists and Supporting

Dear Participating Artists of the Gabriola Winter Art Affair!

We are nearing 40 artists now which is most exciting news as it will allow us to expand our graphic design and advertising capabilities. In an effort to gain as much exposure for you, the artist, please email either Sylvie at or Mariko at with your website or blog link and we will post it on this blog. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate both so we suggest that you link the two together so that the public can access to either or.

For Supporting Business
If you are a non-studio related business and would like to express your support for the GWAA event we will be offering the opportunity to do so by placing an ad on the flip side of the map to be distributed before and during the event. The cost of this ad will be $50 (Please give us a little bit of time to extend this official invitation as we are meeting some urgent ad deadlines at the moment). If you are a non-studio business and would like to be listed in the blog as as a Supporting Business, we will be seeking a fee of $10 (waived if you are participating in the $50 Map fee).

ALSO, in regards to the blog, we will be posting all sorts of pertinent information here so please do check back frequently and often and of course, pass it on to those you know.

As always, you can email, flag or ask us a question about the event any ol' time.


Sylvie, Mariko and Bryan
Jupieter Ranch & FeedlotStudios

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gabriola Winter Art Affair- A Call to Artists and Art Lovers Alike!

Welcome to the official blog of the 2010 Gabriola Winter Art Affair or GWAA as we affectionately call it. Here you can find out all sorts of information in relation to the event, its organizers as well as updates.

Things we will be posting soon include:
  • A complete list of the artists participating in this year's event along with website links so you can check out their wonderful wares, paintings and sculptures.
  • Updates for participating artists as they arise.
  • The official invite that will be placed in various island papers as well as newsletters and e-mailouts that will be sent out  not only across the Gulf Island region, but across the whole world! 
  • Links to Sylvie and Mariko where you can soon request a downloadable PDF of the GWAA event know, so you can get a jump on your island route
With over 30 artists signed up befor the November 7 cut off we are super excited to share Gabriola's art world with yours. And of course, please pass this blog on to your art lovin' friends, families and contacts wherever they may be. Let's put Gabriola on the Art Map!